Komeil Soheili


Founder, Director, Lecturer

Soheili is an Iranian scholar and documentary filmmaker. He obtained a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Studies and Media from the University of Tehran in 2010. Upon graduation, he backpacked for 6 months, hitchhiking around Iran to discover more about the diversity of cultures and traditions of his native country.

Afterwards, he started his documentary career as director, assistant director, researcher and plot developer.  The themes of Soheili’s works are about tolerance and cultural diversities.

In May 2013, he left Iran to travel around the world, where he has founded “Iran: Untold Stories”. Learning about different cultures and sharing his own cultural background for better understanding, made him as a cultural ambassador and refer to Saint Petersburg Times, “stereotypes challenger”.  Moscow Times refer his project as "hitchhiker's pilgrimage" and Kathmandu Post call it as a unique way to "upturn conventional wisdom about Iran".

He is also working as a jury of peace projects in JWF (non-governmental organization in general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council).